Is an Italian concept bistrot situated in the beautiful roman uptown, it’ s named after the nickname of the owner, it means naughty. We developed a brand identity following a modern interpretation of the retro style. We also realized a handmade sign painting that cover the counter and the stylish modular menu.

Anno: 2018
Logo design / Branding
HBProduction - Fello
HBProduction - Fello
HBProduction - Fello
HBProduction - Fello


HB production is a versatile graphic design and communication studio. our team is formed of young creative minds with diverse and ambitious approaches to the world of graphic design and communication. We provide a motivated and dynamic team to incorporate their skills at each stage of the branding process. Promoting individual capacity as well as studios profile, prioritising a high-end graphic style.

Via dei Reti, 60
00186 - Roma
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